Björn Dahlem.
Celestial theory I – the Milky Way

11.09.2010 - 16.01.2011

At the Quadriennale 2010, KIT - Kunst im Tunnel will be showcasing the artist Björn Dahlem who studied in Düsseldorf during the 1990s and who is now prominent on the international art exhibition scene.

his work, Die Theorie des Himmels I - Die Milchstrasse, will transform the interior of KIT - Kunst im Tunnel into a unique cosmos of glacial intergalactic material.

Constructed styrofoam elements will be installed over 888 m2 of exhibition space, creating a sculptured universe that will absorb visitors as they drift through three-dimensional islands, towers and cliffs. Numerous glass cabinets scattered over the island worlds will display peculiar, mysterious objects that defy scientific explanation and look as if Dahlem found them out in space. The simplicity of the materials he has chosen - styrofoam, wooden slats, light bulbs and neon tubes - contrast with the complexity and unfathomable nature of the universe.