Master Students I.
The Passion of the Real

01.12.2012 - 27.01.2013

Sculptural Works from the Master Class of Prof. Martin Honert, Dresden

“The passion of the real” appears a basic concept in the psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan, who characterised the real as that what eludes an “imaginary” representation but is dependent on depiction. Being driven by the real means wanting to realise the true in the here and now. The question, however, is what is the true. As regards the sculpture from Martin Honert's master class, “it is the captured image of the everyday, the materially depicted, collectively recognisable memory that in fact cannot be depicted materially.” (Martin Honert)

With this exhibition, KIT begins a series of master student presentations, and in doing so takes the recommendations and inquiries of academy professors into account. The Düsseldorf sculptor Martin Honert is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. Together with Gertrud Peters, he selected works by his master students for the first show in this series of exhibitions.

With Dana Berg, Saeed Foroghi, Nora Herrmann, Daniela Hoferer, Janine Hönig, Max Kowalewski, Moritz Liebig, Marco Miersch, Su-Ran Sichling and Silke Wobst