Yann Annicchiarico: Servant of Two Masters

18.07. – 08.11.2020

For his solo exhibition at KIT, the artist Yann Annicchiarico developed a large-scale installation that integrates with the special architecture of the underground space in a fascinating way. Interior and exterior, up and down are no longer clearly distinguishable. Visual and acoustic impressions challenge the senses. This is precisely Annicchiarico’s intention: for him, the work exists in the perception of the viewers, in the aesthetic experience that they have in the various “rooms” that they encounter at KIT. Here the artist refers both to the existing walls of the tunnel space as well as to the installation built within them, which can also be called a “frame,” and to any space that is produced by his intervention and the viewer’s experience. We, the visitors, embark on a tour of the absurd. We can explore the limits of our perception and actively participate in the artistic process.

Curated by Céline Offermans.

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